Cheap Divorce in Louisiana

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Divorce is a complicated legal process that is often stressful and pricey. This article will focus on ways of reducing expenses and getting a low-cost divorce in Louisiana.

Affordable Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana

Filing for an uncontested no-fault divorce can help a couple avoid paying for expensive lawyer’s services. If you and your spouse do not blame each other for ending your marital relationship and have agreed on all divorce-related issues, you can get a fast and cheap divorce in Louisiana without involving an attorney. You can deal with the process entirely on your own or order divorce paperwork from our reliable online service.

Pricing: No-fault Divorce Packages at a Flat Rate

Online Divorce$139 – Start Now
• Only up-to-date forms.
• Court-approved paperwork.
• Documents prepared for your specific case.
• Filing instructions included.
• Fixed price for every case.
Installment PlanNegotiable price – Start Now
Installment Plan• Flexible payment schedule.
• Ability to divide the payment into several parts.
• You can start completing the questionnaire after the first deposit.
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Main steps for getting a divorce in Louisiana online.
Delivery Options
E-Delivery – $0Free delivery option. You will be able to download the forms from your profile.
Economy – $45 Printed documents are delivered by FedEx in 5-6 business days.
Standard – $55 Get your ready-to-use forms from a courier in 3-4 business days.
Express – $70 Receive your printed-out paperwork from FedEx in 1-2 business days.

What are my Options for Low-Cost Divorce in Louisiana?

There are several options for getting the cheapest divorce in Louisiana. You can go through the divorce on your own, turn to the help of online document preparation companies, or contact legal aid services.

1) DIY Divorce

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A DIY divorce can be challenging and complex, as it requires individuals to navigate legal processes and paperwork without legal representation, which can be difficult for some.

Filing for divorce without any third-party help is the cheapest way to divorce in Louisiana, though it is pretty risky. Acting independently, you will need to:

  • Determine necessary divorce forms for your case.
  • Make sure they are current and meet the legal requirements of the state.
  • Find out which court you should go to.
  • Complete and submit the documents to the clerk’s office.
  • Represent yourself in court, if required.

Even though the DIY marriage dissolution is a way to get a quick, cheap divorce in Louisiana, there is no guarantee the case will be finalized successfully. Mistakes in the paperwork may lead to court rejection and delay the process.

2) Online Divorce Service

An online divorce service is a convenient tool for preparing paperwork for a cheap, uncontested divorce in Louisiana without hiring a lawyer. We are here to assist you if you are looking for help with the divorce documents. You will get:

  • Court-approved legal forms.
  • Set of documents for your case with filing instructions included.
  • Round-the-clock customer support.
  • Several delivery options available.
  • Fixed price for a package of forms with the possibility to pay in installments.

After the forms are ready, you can use them to get a divorce online, if such an option is available in your parish, or submit the documents to the local court to initiate a divorce process offline.

3) Self-Help Center

Another way to get a low-cost divorce is to use a legal aid website. However, remember that they usually provide general information for simple divorce cases that cannot be taken as legal advice. Besides, forms available at online self-help centers may be outdated, so you should check them carefully before downloading and filling out.

You can also contact cheap divorce lawyers in Louisiana who have less experience in the field and can help you to prepare for a divorce at a low cost. However, if your case is complicated, the possibility of saving money on legal representatives may not pay out in the long run, leading to undesirable divorce outcomes.