Free Louisiana Uncontested Divorce Forms

Spouses filling out divorce forms at the table

Preparing paperwork is among the most time-consuming steps of a divorce process, considering how much information spouses need to collect, arrange, and present to the court. For this reason, many divorcing couples wonder how to speed up document preparation, where to download free Louisiana divorce forms, and which divorce papers in Louisiana are required for their case.

Below, you will find information on common Louisiana divorce forms in PDF format that can be downloaded from the official court website or obtained in a clerk’s office. If you want to avoid dealing with complicated legal paperwork on your own, ordering online divorce help can be a suitable option if your case is uncontested. 

Initial Divorce Forms

1) Petition for Divorce

A petitioner files this form to start a divorce process. It includes basic information about the parties, their marriage, children, if any, reasons for divorce, etc.

2) Verification

Verification is a legal document that serves as a sworn statement by one of the parties involved in the divorce case. It confirms that all information specified by spouses is accurate.

3) Waiver of Service

A defendant fills out and signs this form to confirm they are aware of the divorce proceedings, have accepted the documents, and may not be served. If spouses are in agreement, filing this document will help them save time on serving a respondent.

Child-Related Forms

Little girl with a sad face because of her parents' divorce
Forms on child custody and visitation are necessary in Louisiana when parents are seeking a legal arrangement for the care and access to their children after separation or divorce.

1) Forms on Child Custody and Visitation

Documents on child custody, visitation, and support outline legal arrangements regarding parental responsibilities after divorce and all child-related issues. Spouses must make such arrangements, prioritizing the well-being and best interests of children.

2) Obligation Worksheet A

It includes information about the incomes of each party and the amount of child support each parent should cover. It also specifies the childcare costs, such as basic needs, insurance, medical expenses, etc.

Property and Debt Division Forms

Image of property that could be divided in the divorce process
Property and debt division forms are necessary in Louisiana when divorcing spouses need to establish a legal framework for the fair allocation of their assets and liabilities.

1) Forms on Community Property

If spouses have property to divide, they will likely need to provide the court with detailed information on all assets acquired during their marriage, including bank accounts, investments, vehicles, retirement benefits, real estate objects, etc. Spouses also need to indicate debts and liabilities, e.g., loans, mortgages, and other financial obligations they have.

Final Divorce Forms

Lawyer's notebook with important information about the divorce process
Final divorce forms are necessary in Louisiana to legally conclude the divorce process and provide an official record of the dissolution of the marriage.

1) Affidavit

An affidavit is a formal document that spouses sign to confirm their consent to certain terms or actions related to the divorce process. This document is often used in uncontested divorce cases.

2) Judgment of Divorce

Divorce is legally finalized when a judge signs the Judgement of Divorce. It is a confirmation that spouses are granted the absolute divorce.

Prepare Louisiana Divorce Forms Online

If you worry about making mistakes in the downloaded divorce papers in PDF format, you can use an alternative method to manage paperwork. Instead of completing documents yourself, feel free to order Louisiana divorce papers online. Our system will generate case-specific, court-approved forms for you within several business days. You can use the ready forms for an online divorce in Louisiana if e-filing is possible in your case or submit them to the court in person.